Physician Information


SuperScribe, LLC is an elite team of educated professionals who aim to serve local physicians in efficiently and accurately completing their electronic medical records.  We strive to become a valuable personal assistant to our clients to improve their revenue capture and flow of patients through their respective departments.  Our team can tailor our services to focus on all clerical needs allowing physicians to return their focus to the patients.


• Physician’s focus is on the patient not on paperwork
• Increased quality of documentation resulting in increased reimbursement
• Documentation done in real time resulting in more complete and accurate charts
• Enhanced physician productivity
• Ability to leave shifts in a timely manner knowing all documentation has been completed
• Built in chaperones and patient advocates
• Less stressful, more enjoyable shifts

Benefits can also be seen by hospitals and patients. Hospitals have more efficient physicians who see more patients during shifts. Charts are accurate and done in real time which translates to increased revenues and fewer legal issues. Patients see the benefit through increased face time with the physicians and a more complete chart for any future visits.


Providers will be assigned one Scribe per shift. Should the assigned Scribe need to call-out for a shift, SuperScribe will work to find a replacement in a timely manner.


By law, overtime pay is required for employees who work more than 40 hours per week. As a provider, if you ask your assigned Scribe to work longer than your scheduled shift time, you may be charged for the overtime. This charge will only incur if the Scribes total weekly hours surpass 40.