Remote Patient Monitoring



What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an extension of healthcare delivery that allows technology to gather patient for healthcare providers to use when they care for their patients. RPM is another extension of telehealth where patients can use devices to send health information such as blood pressure readings, SpO2 levels, glucose levels or ECG/EKG readings to their providers from home. With the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions are at the forefront of a new healthcare delivery model. Looking beyond COVID-19, our program will help you enter into the next phase of providing healthcare as this pandemic has opened the doors to new opportunities for telehealth and revenue generation through Medicare and Medicare Advantage. As more patients stay at home, remote patient monitoring will be your solution to providing continuous care.

What can we do for you?

Our program is easy to implement and helps you to excellent and consistent care for your patients! Our RPM devices are simple, portable and easy to use. This allows patients to monitor their own basic vital stats so that they can take more control of their health while allowing you to ensure they receive proper care, even from their home. We can provide assistance with training of the devices, including device maintenance, remote patient monitoring tips and how you can incorporate RPM and our medical scribes into your practice.

Why choose SuperScribe?

SuperScribe, LLC has worked with hospitals and clinics throughout Georgia since 2010, and has the reputation of putting quality first. We believe that delivering the highest quality service and products will help ensure that our clients can continue to give the best care to their patients. Our highly trained and dedicated team always brings top results and satisfaction.


How to implement an RPM program?

Remote patient monitoring may sound like an expensive, difficult-to-implement program to get started, but it can be simplified so that you can continue to care for your patients! Click here to view our easy-to-follow guides on how to start your RPM program today!

1. Enrollment and Setup Workflow

2. Ongoing Participation Workflow

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