SmartBP – Blood Pressure Cuff

Introducing SmartBP by SuperScribe, LLC

What is SmartBP?

SmartBP is SuperScribe, LLC’s blood pressure cuff for remote patient monitoring use. Bluetooth connectivity allows the device to interact with your smartphone, iOS and Android, through an app so that you can keep track of your recordings. The easy to use app gives voice commands and allows patients to record blood pressure readings and transmit up to 30 readings at once. An easy app interface and simple product design makes this blood pressure cuff accessible and user friendly for people of all ages.

What makes the SmartBP different from other blood pressure cuffs?

The SmartBP allows you to measure your own blood pressure no matter where you are, and it’s easy to pack and travel with. You control the pumping so you can feel more in control of the device. The soft arm band is comfortable with easy Velcro closure. It utilizes Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone so you won’t have to use any wires with the exception of charging the device. It contains an internal battery so you won’t have to worry about cumbersome replaceable batteries!









Is the SmartBP able to be cleaned?

Yes! Simply use an alcohol pad to sanitize the device. You can also spot clean dirt away with a damp cloth.

Are the device and app HIPAA compliant?

Yes! The device keeps data within itself and only sends information to the app registered to your specific SmartBP cuff. Recordings can be sent directly to a HIPAA compliant email so your data can stay as safe as possible.