Highly trained scribes make sure your charts are accurate and complete so you can focus on patient care and leave work on time.

SuperScribe, LLC was created to bring the fast-growing scribe concept to the Atlanta area. Emergency departments and physician offices around the US have adopted scribe programs to improve patient satisfaction, quality of care and profitability while eliminating the burden of charting for physicians. 


Are you ready to increase your efficiency and profitability all while spending more time with your patients? Find out what sets us apart and how we can help enhance your department or practice with our scribe services!


If you have an interest in medicine, becoming a scribe is an invaluable experience and can help jump start your medical career!

Whether you are a physician or a potential scribe, SuperScribe looks forward to working with you!

Here at SuperScribe, we empower our providers with the resources they need to provide the best possible service to their patients. From day one, we devote ourselves to ensuring your success. Through our in-depth hiring process and rigorous training program to our elite team of educated management professionals, we establish high-quality medical scribe programs that will ensure an overall increase in patient satisfaction, quality of care, and overall profitability while eliminating the burden of charting for busy providers.

Our Process:

Establish your needs
Establish Your Needs

We need to know more about your pain points so we can craft the best way to support your team. After we learn more about you, we’ll create your contract. Once we have approval, the remaining steps take between 60 and 90 days.

Review your Process
Review Your Process

Together we’ll look at the day to day internal processes of your team to map how the SuperScribe team will best support you.

Selecting a dedicated team
Selecting a Dedicated Team

With all our knowledge gained about the systems currently in place, we find the perfect fits for your unique department needs. All employees are trained with your needs in mind so they’re prepared to support you from day one.

Program Launch

With our team trained, we begin the integration process. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your dedicated scribe team is integrating well and helping your team feel confident and focus on providing better patient care.

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