SuperScribe expands into Remote Patient Monitoring

SuperScribe, LLC has expanded its healthcare services to include Remote Patient Monitoring! To help address a number of issues that hospitals and providers are facing from the COVID-19 pandemic, SuperScribe’s new RPM program provides a great solution.

It’s no secret that patients have been reducing visits to their PCP’s, coming to the Emergency Room less often, and canceling appointments due to reasons including finances, health-related causes, or time. COVID-19 has made people stay at home and caused clinics to close their doors to the public and taking in only virtual patients. By using our RPM devices, patients can monitor their own vitals at their convenience at any location.

Key advantages for patients to use telemedicine and remote patient monitoring include:

  • Increased health and safety as you can stay in your own home
  • Reduce travel expenses, including drive time, fuel, and parking fees
  • Flexible time to schedule appointments
  • Securely send your health information. By emailing only your results, there’s no worry about sharing payment information, social security numbers, or any other highly confidential information.
  • Feel connected to your health provider as you are always in communication
  • Have a better sense of knowing whether an in-person visit is necessary

Key advantages for hospitals, clinics, and providers include:

  • Continue care for your patients outside of the facility
  • Monitor your patient’s health and let them know if an in-person visit should be required
  • Allow you to care for patients that have logistics issues. For example, patients in rural areas travel much further and spend more on fuel and time.
  • Allow you to care for older patients safely in the winter months
  • Medicare/MA reimbursement opportunities for using remote patient monitoring services
  • Continued care program management for patients outside of the office
  • Chronic Care Management eligible
  • Reduce hospital readmissions and emergency room visits
  • Reduce costs associated with having patients inside of your office. For example, PPE costs, cleaning supplies, cleaning staff fees

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